Welcome to Map Task Corpus of Heritage BCMS!

The Map Task Corpus of Heritage BCMS (Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian) contains 30 short audio recordings of second-generation BCMS speakers who grew up in Switzerland. The corpus was designed and developed in the courses "Corpus Linguistics" (fall semester 2019) and "BCMS as a heritage language" (spring semester 2020) at the Department of Slavonic Languages and Literatures in Zurich.

The recorded conversations are Map Tasks: elicited conversations in which two speakers solve a collaborative task. In each case, a speaker explains to his/her counterpart how he/she should draw a line from point A to point B past various illustrations. When selecting the subjects, an attempt was made to recruit speakers from different (language) areas of former Yugoslavia. After the recordings, metadata about the speakers was collected. A selection of the metadata can be seen in the Metadata table.

The aim of the Map Task experiments was to make an initial assessment of the knowledge of one's own and "foreign" BCMS varieties with the help of short but comparable conversations. For more information about the corpus please see our paper.

Reference: Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D., Batinić, J. & Escher, A. (2023). Map Task Corpus of Heritage BCMS spoken by second-generation speakers in Switzerland. Lang Resources & Evaluation. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10579-023-09634-7

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